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Post-Abortion Therapy

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About Us

Post-Abortion Therapy's mission to destigmatize the desire for therapy, specifically post-abortion, and to fill a gap in services that exists for those looking for 1:1 support. Ours is currently the only therapy marketplace in Canada to support those who have experienced abortion.We are a patient-focused, secular organization, exclusively providing post-abortion therapy in 1:1 sessions virtually and in person with pro-choice providers. We will never make you feel guilty or ashamed of having had an abortion.Our therapists are experienced, non-judgemental, and ready to meet you wherever you are at in your post-abortion journey.We are not a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) and have no religious affiliation.

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Our Values

Our therapy providers are committed to our core values. These include being pro-choice, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive. Committing to providing inclusive, ethical and feminist care is a requirement for joining the clinical team at our partner clinics.

What to expect?

Book a free session with our intake team to give us a sense of your needs and where you are in your journey. You'll be matched with one of our therapist partners for an intake session at a time and date which work best for you.We aim to always have therapists with same-week availability.Pricing for sessions will be discussed on your first call. Billing to insurance (for RPs and RP-Qs), and sliding scales or discounts are offered by our clinic partners.Check out our therapists' profiles below:

Our Therapists

Our therapists are here to help you along in your post-abortion journey. Here is a selection of our clinician partners:Amy Commanda, MA, RP is a First Nations woman and mother, confident in providing support for other women who have similar lived experiences such as perinatal anxiety and depression, challenges surrounding Indigenous identity and intergenerational trauma, as well as addressing issues related to women’s wellness.Cree Lambeck, RP, OCT (not currently accepting new patients) operates Cherry Tree Counselling (a clinical partner of Post Abortion Therapy) and specifically support individuals with concerns relating to anxiety and mood, relationships, health and wellness, stress, parenting, reproductive health (perinatal, pregnancy, postpartum), assertiveness, self esteem, empowerment, well-being and more.Christina Ramdhin, MA, RP, CCC provides services to individuals coping with stress, and mental health concerns. Her work is shaped by anti-oppression, bodily autonomy, decolonization, and gender inclusivity.

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We are ready and waiting to support you. Request your intake call today by filling out the form below.All information collected will be stored in a PHIPA compliant manner, and will only be shared with the therapist of your choice after your intake call.

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